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 +====== About GeekLabs ======
 +[[om|See the Danish edition]].
 +GeekLabs is a makerspace/​hackerspace/​fablab in [[https://​​wiki/​Esbjerg|Esbjerg,​ Denmark]] ([[http://​​mlat=55.4648&​mlon=8.4596#​map=4/​55.46/​8.46|OSM map]]).
 +We are a community and a physical place for people to meet and collaborate about technology. We have existed in some state since the fall of 2014 where early collaboration online resulted in a IRL meeting and we gathered under the wings of the old-school creative workshops of Tobakken ([[http://​|Tobakkens Kreative Værksteder]],​ aka. "​foreningen"​).
 +In GeekLabs you'll meet people interested in
 +    * 3D printning
 +    * CNC carving or laser cutting
 +    * Computes and operating systems (Windows, GNU/Linux, iOS, <​nowiki>​*</​nowiki>​BSD)
 +    * Software and its development (C/C++, PHP, Java, Python, Perl)
 +    * Free software (open source) (copyright/​copyleft,​ GPL, GNU, Linux kernel)
 +    * Open hardware platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard,​ Freescale Freedom)
 +    * Electronics and design of electronic circuits (discrete components, integrated circuits, microcontrollers,​ circuits diagrams, PCB layout and manufacturing)
 +For more information ask away on [[]] or [[https://​​groups/​|Facebook]].
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